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Collaborative Lunch at Langdon Hall

Long Lunch at Langdon Hall

Experience a Sunday lunch like no other with the passion of Relais & Chateaux chefs.

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Exclusive Offer From Infiniti Sherbrooke

Exclusive Offer From Infiniti Sherbrooke

Manoir Hovey is proud to be associated with Infiniti Sherbrooke! To celebrate this partnership, Jean Sébastien Poulin, co-owner of Infiniti Sherbrooke, is offering a unique promotion to Manoir Hovey guests!

In exclusivity, we are pleased to offer you this unique offer! Infiniti Sherbrooke offers you, for a limited time, its employee price. This promotion is equivalent to an 8% discount on the manufacturer’s suggested price.

Infiniti is known for luxury, performance and style. It can be adapted to all your needs with the many options available.

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Ambitious Terroir-Driven Quebec Cuisine

Le Hatley Restaurant at Manoir Hovey, a lakeside Relais & Châteaux property, reflects the passion for the region's history, its bounty, and its natural beauty. The culinary philosophy celebrates the ingredients that are abundant in Quebec's rivers, lakes, forest and fields.

A bold new approach to Canadian cuisine

The seven seasonal flavor profiles

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SPRING – Tree to Table

1. Birch

The abundance of birch trees at Manoir Hovey makes it ideal for birch syrup and vinegar production. Le Hatley is quite possibly the only restaurant in Canada to engage in this practice.

SPRING – Tree to Table

2. Goat Calf

From the nearby Farm Au Pied Levé, Goat Calf is another of the Chefs' favorite higlighted in his Spring Menu

SPRING – Tree to Table

3. Shellfish & Seafood

The nutrient rich St. Lawrence River running through Quebec to the eponymous Gulf provides an abundant array of Seafood and Shellfish such sea urchin, lobster, gooseneck barnacles, scallops and more.

SUMMER – Foraging

4. Wild Mushrooms, Plants & Herbs

Alexandre and his team are passionate about foraging on the property grounds. In season, you are invited to follow them and learn about wild edibles.

SUMMER – Foraging

5. Sea plants & regional harvest

In addition to the abundant local production of everyday organic produce, Le Hatley’s menus are also enhanced by Quebec Sea Plants in summer months, such as Sea Asparagus, Sea Spinach and fresh Seaweed.

FALL - Harvest

6. Poultry & Fowl

The Chef is enthusiastic about a variety of locally raised free range birds, also from a local Farm Au Pied Levé. Examples include Guinea Fowl, Goose and Wild Turkey. Another true highlight of our menus is the exceptional Foie Gras from La Canardière.

WINTER - Preserve

7. Preserves & More

Notable products from this season are house made Winter Harvested Apple Vinegar as well as other staples that come directly out of our Birch and Sumac Vinegar cellar and many in house dried products such as mushrooms, dry seaweed, sea lettuce, root vegetables, winter squash and the Chef’s own winter stored carrots.

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Boasting the local bounty of the province of Quebec, growing, foraging and picking only what is needed, working closely with local farmers and producers, a dinner at Le Hatley is truly a unique culinary experience.

Locally sourced ingredients

Hatley Vendors



- Ferme Vallons Maraîchers: Compton, Organic Vegetables, production of some vegetables exclusively for Le Hatley.
- L’Abri Végétal: Compton, Organic heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Productions of greens platters exclusively for Le Hatley.
- Ferme au Pied Levé: Fitch Bay, Organic free-range grown Highland veal, goat calf, geese and wild turkeys.
- Les Délices de Compton/Les Jardins de Hatley: Compton and Canton d’Hatley. Organic small fruits, saskatoon berries, cherries, haskap berries, sea buckthorn
- La Ferme Bouffard: Compton, Charolais Angus Beef; naturally grown with no hormones or antibiotics.



Gaspésie Sauvage: Wild products: fresh and dried mushrooms, wild fruits, seaweeds, herbs, lichen and pines.


Bas St-Laurent

Les Jardins de la mer: St-André de Kamouraska, Sea shore plants and beach rose hips.



La Canardière: Carignan, Artisanal production of duck and foie gras.


Centre du Québec

Les Jardinets de la Paysanne: St-Samuel, Garden-grown organic small vegetables.



Le Cerf des Appalaches: St-Jean de Brébeuf, Free-range naturally grown red deer.


Lake St-Pierre, St-Lawrence River Estuary / Atlantic Coast

Poissons de lacs: walleye and pike
Poissons de mer: halibut, striped bass, bluefin tuna, lobster, sea urchin, whelks, oysters, crab.

A mindful kitchen

Sustainability is an integral part of what we and our team accomplishes every day. Menus are composed with a strict and passionate respect of what each season has to offer, in order to leave the smallest footprint possible.

A mindful kitchen

We try to use all of our ingredients from head-to-toe so as to avoid the waste, whether it is for the meat - beef, poultry, lamb, venison - or for the produce.

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A Word from our Maître d'hôtel, Patrick Grieve

Warm and enchanting hospitality combined with wonderful cuisine and wines is the experience that awaits all guests discovering and returning to Le Hatley restaurant. Our dining staff will guide you through an unforgettable personalized dining experience. You will discover the finesse and subtlety of our unique wine and meal pairings or the elegant flavours of some local ice products to pair with our unforgettable cheese trolley. Helping you discover the flavours and local history of the region or even recommending the local attractions is always my pleasure as a native of this beautiful region of Quebec I thrive on sharing my passion for the area and Le Hatley Restaurant.


Restaurant Hours


8:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Sunday Brunch

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


5:30 PM - 9:30 PM