Manoir Hovey のレストラン「ル・アトレー」でのランチは、温かみのある雰囲気の中でフィネスと風味を楽しむことができます。テラスでのサービスにバトンタッチする前には、湖に面したベランダまたは暖炉の横で数多くのお料理をお楽しみいただけます(10月~5月にオープン)。

We are glad to annouce that Le Hatley restaurant will welcome you everyday starting September 16, 2014.
Lunch Menu 

Appetizers - Starting at $8

  • Parsnip velouté, poached pear, bleu cheese from St-Benoît-du-Lac, hazelnuts
  • Beet marinated salmon, radish, lentils, cucumber, fennel and crème fraîche
  • Foie gras terrine, sea buckthorne, frozen apple reduction, sunflower and honey brioche
  • House blood pudding, squash purée, mustard green, fried egg, pimbina

Main Courses - Starting at $18

  • Fish of the day, roasted sunchoke, leeks, sauce American
  • Chicken ballotine, tomato barley, brussell sprouts, lardons
  • Brised veal cheeks, celery root purée, seasonal mushrooms
  • V.S.C. grilled beef shoulder, fingerling potato fondant, glazed cipollini onions and carrots, thyme jus

Desserts - All at $8

  • Chocolate fondant cake, vanilla ice cream, prunes sauce
  • Apples and Niagara Concord grapes sorbet
  • Butternut squash cake, caramel, spiced pumpkin foam
  • Selection of 3 cheeses ($14)

* Ingredients may vary. Prices are not applicable for special events. Please contact us directly for group reservations.