Tasting menu

For more adventurous palates, the seven-course discovery menu showcases the chef's culinary skills.  The accompanying wine flight is optional, yet highly recommended.

Tasting Menu - $100

  • Amuse-bouche
  • Lobster, Lovage Mayonnaise, Tomatoes, Ice Lettuce, Daylily
  • Wild Rose Foie Gras Torchon, Rhubarb, Sweet Clover Bread, Beach Rose Hips and Spring Flowers
  • Beer and Goat Calf Sausage, Agaric Mushroom, Roasted Garlic, Celery Root, Morels
  • Red Venison, Red Pepper & Birch Sap Reduction, Kale, Garden Angelica, Rhubarb & Saskatoon Berry Chutney
  • Panna Cotta Cultured Goat's Milk, Sweet Clover, Arctic Rose Flat Oatcake, Green Alder Candied Beet, Birch Syrup (Presented to the Relais & Châteaux GourmetFest 2015)
  • Birch Syrup and Ungava Gin Cake, Maple Meringue, Sea Buckthorne Cream and Green Buckwheat Chip

The Tasting Menu is prepared for all the guests at your table. 
Menu for information only. Items may vary.

Half-board package: $30 supplement per person, $100 with Wines

$100 per person for Non-Houseguests, $170 with Wines