Tasting menu

For more adventurous palates, the seven-course discovery menu showcases the chef's culinary skills.  The accompanying wine flight is optional, yet highly recommended.

Tasting Menu - $100

  • Amuse-bouche
  • Lovage Cured Bigeye Tuna, Fennel, Pine Mushroom, Sea Lettuce, Black Radish, Unripe Elderberries
  • Chokecherry Foie Gras Torchon, Sour Cherries, Ground Cherries, Potato Candy, Almond & Balsam Fir
  • Grilled Duck, Honey Glazed Baby Parsnip, Brussel Sprouts, Sour Cherries Gel, Mead Gastrique
  • Red Deer Gigue, Crabapples & Chanterelles, Elderberry, Cabbage, Agaric Mushrooms
  • Strawberry & Sweet Clover Frozen Parfait, Pistachio Cake, Poppy Seed Meringue, Chocolate Crumble
  • Beetroot Ice Cream, Saskatoon Berry Compote, Genoa Bread, Poached Plums

The Tasting Menu is prepared for all the guests at your table. 
Menu for information only. Items may vary.

Half-board package: $30 supplement per person
Additional wine pairing: $70 per person
(taxes and gratuities non included)