Tasting menu

For more adventurous palates, the seven-course discovery menu showcases the chef’s culinary skills.  The accompanying wine flight is optional, yet highly recommended.

Tasting Menu

  • Amuse-bouche
  • Celtuce, "Trésor du Large" oysters, beach rose hips purée, lemon balm, pickled seaweed, fennel fronds, lovage
  • Mountain Ash and Morrel Ashes Foie Gras Torchon, onion and red wine reduction, magenta spreen, wild rose brioche
  • Quebec Veal Sweetbreads, sweet red pepper reduction, wild garlic leaf yogurt, grilled rhubarb, chickweed
  • Appalachian Venison Loin, Goat Cheese Ravioli, Black Chanterelles
  • Bordeaux Canelé, rhubarb, green apple with terragon
  • Nyangbo Dark Chocolate Strudel, cherries, mountain ash berry frozen yogurt

The Tasting Menu is prepared for all the guests at your table. 
Menu for information only. Items may vary.

Half-board package: $25 supplement per person, $90 with Wines

$95 per person for Non-Houseguests, $160 with Wines