Table d'hôte

Manoir Hovey’s restaurant Le Hatley honours the gastronomic tradition of the village of North Hatley in offering a fine Québec cuisine complemented with a contemporary taste.

Four-course gourmet Table d’Hôte dinners can be included in the room rate. Visitors not staying in the inn are invited to enjoy "Le Hatley" restaurant's table d'hôte at $75 per person (plus tax and gratuities).

Table d’hôte Menu


  • "From Francis' to Table" - Potted Kale, Green Alder Goat Yogurt, Cucamelon, Bur Cucumber, Wild Watercress & Mustard Seeds, Larch
  • Warm Organic Vegetables Salad, Celtuce, Tomatoes, Purple Snow Peas, Green Beans, Carrot, Blueberries, Sea Plantain, Cucumber, Sea Buckthorn, Pineapple Weed Oil
  • Deluxe Lobster Bisque, Northen Divine Caviar, Gooseneck Barnacle, Blood Clam, Tomato Purée, Sea Lettuce Jelly, Sea Spinach, Summer Squash, Yarrow Leaf ($)
  • Lovage Cured Nova Scotia Swordfish, Fireweed Flowers, Birch Vinegar Pickled Matsutake, Baby Leek, Lemon Verbena Mayonnaise, Smoked Dulce, Eggplant
  • Venison Tartare "Almost Raw", Kohlrabi, Wild Carrot Flowers, Raspberry, Spruce Shoots, Burdock, Green Peas
  • Lamb Terrine, Green Celery Chips, Rhubarb Relish, Rue Pickled Cucumber
  • Gin & Celery Leaves Foie Gras Torchon, Wild Celery Brioche Bread, Honey Confit Unripe Juniper Berries, Wild Cranberries Compote, Apples ($)

Main Courses

  • Thyme Flowers Roasted Halibut, Coltsfoot & Onion Reduction, Oyster Leaf, Pickled Seaweed, Summer Squash, Eggplant, Green Elderberries
  • Ontario Lake Walleye, Sea Lettuce & Tomato Reduction, Kombu Glazed Carrots, Beach Rose Hips Purée, Dill
  • Baby Beetroot and Leek "Raclette", Gré des Champs Cheese, Buckwheat Bread, Curly Celery Oil, Corn, Sweet Clover, Sunflower Blossoms
  • Charolais Angus Beef, Swiss Chard, Red Wine Cap Mushrooms, Kohlrabi, Radish, Sea Rocket & Potatoes
  • Grilled Duck & Lardo, Garlic Scapes, Mountain Ash Oil, Sweet and Sour Beach Rose Hips, Pickled Cattail and Beet Root
  • Seaweed Fed Gaspesia Lamb, Burdock Shoots, Sea Asparagus, Raspberry, Spruce, Sea Parsley, Peas, Kale
  • Fitch Bay Guinea Fowl, Celeriac, Angelica & Tomato Vinegar, Sea Asparagus, Vegetables Leaves, Lobster Mushroom


  • Lemon & Verbena Crémeux, Breton Sablé, Verbena Meringue, Blackberry Jelly & Blood Orange Crisps
  • Strawberry & Sweet Clover Frozen Parfait, Pistachio Cake, Poppy Seed Meringue, Chocolate Crumble
  • Milk Chocolate & Praline Entremets, Hazelnut Crumble, Strawberry Jelly & Vinegar, Honeycomb & Toasted Ice Cream
  • Sour Cherry Sorbet, Clafoutis, Sour Cherry & Spruce Gel, Fresh Sour Cherries
  • Panna Cotta, Ice Lettuce & Apple Salad, Candied Beet, Evergreen Tea Merveilles
  • Guanaja Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Mousse, Sweet Grass Ganache, White Chocolate, Elderflower Sorbet ($)

  • Selection of Three Cheeses of Your Choice

Instead of Dessert…...…$8 Supplement

In addition to dessert ……$16 Supplement 

*Menu for information only. Items may vary.