Manoir Hovey

“Before we made a final decision to negotiate the purchase of Manoir Hovey back in 1979, Kathy & I decided to check in for a week as guests.  We had always admired the magnificent setting and historical charm of the property but staying as guests really drove it home. We were captivated by the special atmosphere, the serenity and the beauty all around. We felt truly transported. We resolved then and there that, if we were successful in purchasing the Manor, we would work hard to continuously improve but absolutely retain what made the property so special, thus continuing the legacy from the first innkeeper, Robert F. Brown Jr. This jewel of a property called out for preservation. Over the years, we have created a much more luxurious property and added all the modern comforts but the charisma of the place has not changed.  The limited expansions that we have undertaken blend in seamlessly with the original structures. Critics have written that Manoir Hovey is a  "national treasure" and that there is "something magical, otherwordly about the place".  Staying at the Manor is like "staying at the private estate of a rich uncle." I think our guests agree. We hope we will have an opportunity to welcome you to our labour of love in the near future.”

Steve & Kathryn Stafford