Lunch menu

Lunch at Manoir Hovey’s restaurant, « Le Hatley, » offers fine-dining in an idyllic lakeside setting.  Open from October to June, an array of dishes are offered, and can be enjoyed by the lakeside windows or the crackling fireplace.
Lunch Menu 

Appetizers - Starting at $8

  • Parsnip velouté, pintade parfait, onion crackers
  • Quail confit, braised red cabbage, cranberry caramel
  • Foie gras terrine, sea buckthorne, frozen apple reduction, sunflower and honey brioche
  • Crispy sweetbreads, braised swiss chards, lardons, sweet & sour sauce

Main Courses - Starting at $18
  • Fish of the day, maple glaze, wild rice dumplings, shiitake broth
  • Guinea fowl ballotine, roasted root vegetables, brussell sprouts, foie gras sauce
  • Lamb sausage, lentils, warm beet salad
  • V.S.C. grilled beef shoulder, morrel gnocchi, glazed cipollini onions and carrots, thyme jus

Desserts - All at $8

  • Chocolate fondant cake, vanilla ice cream, prunes sauce
  • Apples and Niagara Concord grapes sorbet
  • Butternut squash cake, caramel, spiced pumpkin foam
  • Selection of 3 cheeses ($14)

* Ingredients may vary. Prices are not applicable for special events. Please contact us directly for group reservations.