Lunch menu

Lunch at Manoir Hovey’s restaurant, « Le Hatley, » offers fine-dining in an idyllic lakeside setting.  Open from October to June, an array of dishes are offered, and can be enjoyed by the lakeside windows or the crackling fireplace.
Lunch Menu 

Appetizers - Starting at $8

  • House salad, lettuce, radish, green beans, celery, ranch sauce, almonds
  • Bortsch, pickled beets, sour cream, mushrooms, beet tuile
  • Smoked mackerel, sweet fern pickled carrots, tomatoes, roasted garlic purée, lemon verbena custard
  • Fennel & cucumber salad, celtuce, yogurt, melon
  • Lamb terrine, plum sauce, red cabbage & elderberry salad, ice lettuce

Main Courses - Starting at $18
  • Market fresh fish of the day, roasted vegetables oil confit, bell peppers & braised onions, lentils, fennel reduction
  • Venison sausage, braised purple kale, parsnip, mooseberry, mustard, wild chervil
  • Bolet mushroom chicken ballotine, corn, white turnip, wild mushroom, creamy white wine sauce
  • Guinea fowl raviolis, apple, heirloom squash purée, dried cranberries, Brussel sprouts, sea buckthorn, guine fowl jus
  • Charolais Angus beef burger, BLT, caramelized onions, old fashioned ketchup, french fries

Desserts - Starting at $8

  • Chocolate torte, ground cherries, vanilla ice cream
  • Apple croustade ice cream, oat crumble, angelica compote
  • Sweet fern crème brûlée
  • Selection of 3 cheeses ($16)

* Ingredients may vary. Prices are not applicable for special events. Please contact us directly for group reservations.