Green responsibility

Our green initiatives
At Manoir Hovey we have become focused on preserving and protecting the beauty of our beautiful lake and surrounding area and are determined to  leave a lighter footprint.

Firstly, we outsource all recyclable materials from the hotel and restaurant (plastics, newspapers, papers, etc.) to a nearby facility for recycling.  Our suppliers recycle our ink cartridges from the office, our batteries and our paint cans.

In the spring of 2011, we were the first hotel in Québec to take the initiative of an alternative to bottled water in our restaurant, “Q Water”.   Our guests appreciate the Manor’s excellent pure tap water, the result of our own filtration and purification of the town water. 

General cleaning products certified green are particularly important when the daily maintenance of 37 rooms and suites and a restaurant are considered.

Our chef purchases as much as possible from local producers and we ensure that the vegetables that we grow are not treated with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.  Organic, as much as possible, we can be sure that the soil and its renewal are preserved.  This applies as well to the fish we purchase which are species that are sustainable and not endangered.

Energy Efficiencies
During our recent renovations, we chose efficient heating systems and/or air conditioning systems for their reduced energy consumption.  Our new units have proven to have a 70% higher yield than the normal units.

Over the past few years, we’ve installed high-efficiency, compact fluorescent light bulbs where possible in the Manor.
We also conserve water wherever possible and invite guests to join the effort in our towel cleaning conservation program.

We are improving day by day and are finding new policies to adopt.  To maximize our results, your help is precious and we thank you for it.